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Windows 10 Activation Key Free Download 64 bit Genuine Product Key

Windows 10 Activation Key Free Download How to Activate Windows 10 100% Free windows 10 genuine product key  I will give you free of cost How to activate you, I will tell you the whole thing But I will tell you right now In the history of Windows 10,
Windows 10 Activation Key Free Download

Windows 10 Release Date

We know Windows XP was released on August 2001 and Windows Vista was released on November 2006 and there was exactly five years gap between both of them in there can Windows 7 which was released in July 2009 there was exactly three years gap between both of them then there Kim Windows 8.1 which was released on April 2014 again there was exactly five years gap between both of them then windows10 came which was very different from Windows 8 which was released on July 2015 

Windows 10 April 2019 update new features with genuine product key 
Windows 10 8 for 2019 updates this is the first of two major feature updates coming to Windows 10 this year and is packin a number of new features and enhancements over the last major feature update known as the October 2018 update released late last year so yes this is Microsoft's next big sort of update for Windows 10 and Mac's that has taken a step back with this one so it doesn't include many huge new features more improvements to existing features streamlining the overall user experience so

let's start with the Start menu in this version of Windows 10 Microsoft this updated the default live tile layout to be a little bit more simple in the previous version of Windows it's very noisy there's lots of columns lots of tiles are starting with the April 2019 update this has been simplified to just 9 tiles by default down here is where all of these sort of pre-installed or post installed 

Key Features of Windows 10

Apps come from so this has been a thing Windows 10 has done forever now but after you set up a PC for the first time the marks will still will start downloading a bunch of recommended apps from third parties and now most of those apps are in their own group and this is handy because Microsoft has also introduced a new feature that allows you to unpin entire groups from the Start menu so you can see here we have Microsoft Store and a whole bunch of third-party games I actually I have every single app it downloaded is a game that is terrible but yes starting with this update I can now right-click this group and completely unpin it from
Windows 10 Activation Key Free Download
the Start menu so I have to right-click unpin right click on pin every tile individually I can now unpin that entire group and I can also um pin this up here because that's another one of those games that get pre installed by default but yes that's the new start menu layer at the top here we have a Productivity sort of group here and there's a couple of changes here we now have mail photos marks at the edge office which is a new app we'll look at that in a bit and a folder here which gives us access to a bunch of Office Web Apps 

so this likely changes depending on whether your PC comes pre-installed with office if it doesn't then the tiles here will take you straight to the web app so if I click on word here they'll open up Microsoft edge and I can now begin typing into Word for some reason that opens in in private rousing which is not why I won so let's try PowerPoint instead so that one should look me straight into my marks with the count and I can now start working on a PowerPoint presentation within the web browser and then we also have the local apps for OneNote Skype and onedrive in here as well for some reason skypes in the office folder although

 i say that this isn't name so technically you can call it whatever you want yeah let's call it so there you go that's the folder by default yes it's very interesting to see Microsoft pinning The Office Web Apps to the Start menu by default and you'll notice that a lot of these are using the new office icons that haven't even been launched officially just yet so that's very interesting to see now if you're upgrading from the previous version of Windows 10 to this one then you 

obviously won't see this default layout because it would carry over your current layout if you've customized it this is more for those of you who are buying pcs that come with the April 2019 update or if you're clean installing the April 2019 update onto your device
if you're not then this layout will not be seen to you and you can just carry on using your own custom layout as normal so moving right along let's take a look at some of the UI changes Microsoft has introduced in this version of Windows 10 so yes Microsoft has focused a little bit more on user interface changes with this release some of them very subtle and a few of them quite major so let's start with the context menus in the Start menu so context menus in a lot of areas now including the Start menu

Windows 10 April 2019 update key enterprise features

feature fluent design which for those who don't know is Microsoft's design language that it uses across all of its products and it includes things like blur effects so you've very hard to see here but there's a subtle blur effect behind these context menus now in addition to a hovering effect which is called reveal and it follows your cursor around certain elements you can see here that there's like a light effect that's following my cursor and it looks fairly nice and those same blurs and reveal effects are available in jump lists in the taskbar area is well so it looks very nicely again you can see that we really affect following my

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windows 10 activation key free download 64 bit
Windows 10 Activation Key Free Download
After download Open the software and after opening it will be a Dialog Box of this type

Windows 10 Activation Key Free Download

Click on the activation button After clicking, your Windows Activation will be done

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